Even typing is tiiiring

Oookay so hi. I have been so tired this week. I can\’t even express how much in words.. because.. it would be too tiring. So yeah. I\’m getting ready to go back to school now. I hope it\’s okay. It\’s weird that I haven\’t been there in a week, and of course I have managed to not keep up with any work so I am about 2 weeks behind, and I don\’t even want to think about it. And since yesterday everything\’s been hurting so I don\’t know what that\’s about, but I can hardly walk today and that\’s not good for getting around to classes. Yikes! Okay, enough complaining. Might as well also let you all know that I did not get a bone marrow match, so no transplant happening there, which is probably a good thing anyway maybe. So for now the plan is chemo, scans to see if the chemo is actually working, and then more chemo. Stop the fun! Oops, so much for not complaining. Gotta finish packing up my stuff so goodbyeee. Wish me luck catching up on homework, eeek. :/

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