Chemo and computer science

Two days of chemo down. Feeling okay so far. Better at the moment than earlier, anyway. There are definitely some good things going on this time … first of all, MY PORT WORKS!!! No more arm aerobics to get blood return or stacking three pillows under my left arm just so that the chemo will get through without an occlusion every 3 seconds. It\’s awesome. I am certainly grateful for the little things. What\’s also amazing is what medicine can do in less than a year … there is this new anti-nausea wonder drug that I\’m on now, and I\’m not sure how I would be feeling without it, but it seems to be working okay. (No throwing up yet, at least. Always a plus.) Oh yes, and I don\’t have to get a shot every night until my counts come back up — just one shot after the chemo cycle. Also, no more Mesna, so even though I have to keep myself hydrated, I\’d rather do that than get 3 hours of Mesna at the clinic and then come home with that stupid cadpump to get 3 more very slow doses worth. So even though I hate that I have to do this again, things could always be worse!

Ami and the boys came over for a little bit today; that was a nice surprise! They also brought chocolate and raspberry chip cookies over, mmmm. I haven\’t tried one yet but I\’m not sure how that combination in a cookie could be anything less than amazing, so I\’m excited! Thanks Ami (and Tyler)! :)

I do keep forgetting that this is not just some free week though … I still have lots of homework to catch up on AND to keep up with, plus I am missing two exams this week that I\’ll have to make up when I get back to school so I need to study too. Ughhh. (Italian midterm yesterday morning was really not too bad, though.) Plus, I am doing so horrendously in computer science at the moment. My java homework from last week, with those stupid prime numbers that I could not get even after spending SIX HOURS ON, got me a 77, and I don\’t even want to know what I got on that lab I had an hour to do on Sunday because I forgot about it blah. And I am missing a midterm in that class tomorrow, so yeah, I better take this time to brush up on my computer skills I guess.

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3 Responses to Chemo and computer science

  1. ami says:

    Next time we come we’ll try not to break anything. Can’t help with the Java homework – but if you get desperate you can email my dad – he teaches a Java class over at Northern VA community college.

  2. Maureen says:

    I’m glad things went better this time. And don’t stress out about school too much. If I know you, you will catch up on everything x5! And everyone has a class that completely frustrates them…Stats last semester was ridiculous. Well My dear I must go study, have a fabulous day.

  3. Ney says:

    Yay for working ports and anti-nausea drugs (you might need to slide some of those anti-nausea meds ova here). Have fun doing homework *gag* but don’t stress out too much cuz you’re an A++++++ student in my book Miss ya and sending you happy vibes always!

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