The Darkness – Christmas Time

Oh I am finally going to see Return of the King today!! Hooray, so excited. I watched the extended version of The Two Towers last night. (Wow! Aragorn is 87! …Wow!) So I am extra ready! (Okay I know I should just read the book, but there\’s no time for that!) Okay so. Going to scope out the new movie theatre with my dad while my sister goes to the mall with a boyyy. Oh my! (I\’d rather see LOTR with my dad. What does that say about me?) That\’s okay! Um. Also I can mostly breathe now, and that\’s good too. Also I must say thank you to my parents and to my godmother because I think I got a little spoiled this year!! (And I am taking good care of your guinea peegs, even though one of them kicked shavings at me! But they were all oinking and it was cute so I will forgive him, maybe.) Okay, goodbye!

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3 Responses to The Darkness – Christmas Time

  1. maria says:

    rotk is the greatest movie! you will love it!

  2. Ellen says:

    Yay yay RotK! I think I’m seeing it again this weekend! Hurray! And I’m watching Two Towers special features tonight! And I’ve spent all day reading this Weapons and Warfare book on lotr! And I’m a geek!

  3. Auntie L says:

    Hi from slower Delaware! :) Thanks for watching de peegs. Throwing bedding on you is a sign of love, dontcha know?

    And yes, I did spoil you and LOVED doing it! Next time I see you, you best be wearing your CAPS (C.A.P.S. Caps Caps Caps) jersey, little Missy!

    Love you
    Godmommy ‘O Cool and biscuits

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