Ohh man. I am exhausted. This weekend I was up for 22 hours straight (Saturday morning till Sunday morning) and then today I slept from 7am to 3pm. Yiiikes. The pancake thing was pretty fun last night though. We watched Evolution, which is really funny, and we started cooking at 3, and Tara and I took pancake duty and did a pretty good job I think! We ate around 5:30 and then at 6:30 they started prayers and there was going to be some kind of discussion after that, I think, but I was like, no way, I need sleep, so Rachel and I left (and man is it freezing at 6:30am, but the stars are preeeetty). So I woke up at 3 (actually, Ana had to wake me up) and then at 5 I went to Mass and then after that I was emailing all my professors about missing classes this week and at 7:20 I remembered I hadn\’t even done my computer science lab yet, which is due Sunday night, and I freaked out because I thought I had to submit it by 7:30, but then I found out it was actually 8:30, but then I freaked out anyway because it was really confusing and I only got 1 out of the 3 parts right. I just can\’t wrap my head around the math we need to do for it and it\’s so frustrating. :/ Now I\’m studying for my Italian midterm tomorrow, booo. After that test, my dad\’s going to pick me up and I\’ll be at home all week for Chemo Part II, Round 1. :( It\’s only an hour a day so hopefully it won\’t be too bad. I hope I don\’t get too sick. Anyway I am still super exhausted so I am going to attempt to study some more and then go to bed. Ohh and last night, I didn\’t go to the game, but we WON and it was amazing. We haven\’t beat FSU in 10 years. Very exciting!

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