not fun

okay back at school, but ugggh. feel sick, and so much work to do. and then I have to table on the lawn for an hour for FORCE, and I am the only person in my slot so I\’ll be all by myself handing out mixed nuts for Cancer Prevention Week (ha!), and now I have to read a hundred things, so goodbye.

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  1. Elaine says:

    Hey Lauren…I’m happy you are back at school and that the surgery is behind you. Good luck getting caught up on your work…I guess that’s a irrational thought really…Sarah and Matthew have told me you are never caught up…you just pick and choose between the most pressing assignments and reading. Anyway, enjoy your friends and being back on campus!
    Sending love and peace,

  2. cISSY says:

    Hey Lauren!! Remember me? I am Sue Nichols’ sister – the one that gave you the cookbook!!! I am being kept up-to-date on your activities (and lack there of) and wanted to jump in and say “Hi” and wish you so much love and peace. You are a wonder! Hey – I have the GREATEST peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie recipe!!!! I will send it to you. Do you have any “Barefoot Contessa” cookbooks? I am having a hell of a time writing this with this yellow print! I can’t see what I am doing so I hope everything is spelled right! We are leaving tomorrow to NYC to visit our new grandson! Yeah! His name is Cal Leung-Han. He is a chubby guy. I will send you a photo if you would like to see him. Good Luck with all your reading and assignments!!! Have a great evening!!
    Love, Cissy

  3. sam says:

    back to college……mmmmh..all those books…makes me dizzy just to think about it..haha !!

    I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better ! Keep us updated !

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