Is it Friday yet?

Okay! Status report! First things first: my scans were fine (big sigh of relief!). Except, well. I have to get a couple more x-rays this weekend because maybe there is, I don\’t know, a fracture or something. (Not on the prosthesis, that\’s fine.) Yeah, no idea how these things happen. Maybe I ran into something. Wouldn\’t be the first time, but I don\’t remember anything like that, so. Probably just stress on my leg I think from all the walking. HOPEFULLY nothing bad. We\’ll see on Saturday! So that\’s kind of a pain (figuratively and literally) but oh well, so it goes. I\’m not too worried about it, surprisingly, I just think it\’s kinda odd.

Then this morning, I had to make up my psych midterm at EIGHT IN THE MORNING. Ugh. It was kinda hard, too. I hope I did okay. So the test went till 9:15, and Italian is at 9, and I told my teacher I\’d be late, which I was, and everyone stared, oh well. But I didn\’t think I\’d missed anything important until afterwards, when Lauren told me we had a POP QUIZ. Ughhh. Of COURSE he would give one today. So mean! So I guess I get a 0. Hmmph. Hopefully I\’m doing well enough in that class that it won\’t matter. :/ Anyway so afterwards Lauren and I got some much-needed caffeine (and chocolate croissants, mmmm) and we were sitting outside and I\’m drinking my mocha and all of the sudden it just splashed everywhere, and I looked at my cup, and there were TWO LIDS. Wha? Huh? I do not know how that happened, seriously, because everything was fine and then all of the sudden, boom, extra lid, and it was a little disturbing. I don\’t think my head works too well in the morning, people. Sigh.

So that\’s all the news (I think), and now I seriously need to catch up on some homework. Can\’t wait till tomorrow night because I get to see my godmommy and the Caps!!! (sadly minus my boy Semin because he is stuck in Russia or something, boo.)

P.S. Thank you Liivi for leaving me such a sweet comment the other day! And hello to Ney & Moe too; I miss you guys and I\’m sorry I haven\’t talked to you in sooo long. AND, finally, Ami, sorry about the layout width! Unfortunately, laziness prevents me from changing it. ;) That, and homework, which I am going to do right now, seriously, here I go.

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