Ooh, feels weird to be home on a Monday night! Good so far though. Made about 3000 cookies, caught up on some TV (oh TiVo, how I\’ve missed you!), and tripped over things. Yes, apparently the house has been Katy-proofed so she doesn\’t rub her ears all over the furniture, but that pretty much translates to Lauren-proofed as well since I\’m not so good at the hopping over chairs. (Actually, Katy\’s a lot better at getting through them than I am…) So tomorrow I\’ve got a fun day of doctor appointments and hospital tests and hopefully during all that waiting room time I will get some major studying done for my psych midterm. Speaking of midterms, got a 100 on my Java one, woohoooo! (I mean, I should; I have taken it already, after all…) And a 96 on an Italian test for which the median was 81. Unfortunately that leads to those situations where everyone is like, oh I did awwwwful, and I\’m like, oh, I… um. Oh well. Mi piace l\’italiano. :) So now I think I\’ll eat some pizza bagels and see what else TiVo has been collecting for me in my absence. Wish me some prayers for my scans tomorrow? (My back\’s been feeling better though, so I\’m slightly less worried … hopefully everything will be okay!)

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2 Responses to Home!

  1. Ney says:

    hey sweetness. I haven’t talked to you in a while but i love your new layout. Glad to see that you’re doing well and i hope everything went well today at the doctors. yay for being so smart…you’ll have to send those smartypants brain waves over yander on thursday for my first nursing test (gasp). yay for italian! now you’ll be able to translate everything that josh groban sings in italian (*SMILES*) sigh. alright lovely, i’ll talk to you real soon. miss ya like a crazy person.
    ps…i’m not used to not being able to capitalize some letters….ah well, such is life!

  2. Lauren says:

    Hey Ney! I know! ooh haha I didn’t know I set this to all lowercase… yeah that’s kinda weird! think I’ll change that. ;) oh man! a girl in my suite loooves Josh Groban. she gave me all his CDs to put on my computer so I can listen to the pretty, pretty italian. I love it! miss you too, hope I see you sometime soon!!

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