The Sea of Orange


The game today was actually pretty good! We left after the third quarter, with the score at about 31 to 0 … and then right after we left, Duke finally made a touchdown. Not sure what the final score was, but yes, obviously we pretty much dominated. ;)

Oh yes, so the layout! Some may say \”boring,\” but I\’m going to go with \”minimalistic.\” It sounds better, because it\’s a bigger word. Definitely needed a change though, and I even updated the section about me, which was pretty necessary since that hadn\’t been done since um, January maybe. (Oh, and my iTunes playlist, too.)

I should probably do homework now, but … isn\’t that what Sunday is for?

I love my suite because after the game and dinner, we sat around and watched Moulin Rouge and then when it was done, skipped back to the good song parts and sang along. And then we watched Down With Love to fuel the Ewan McGregor obsession just a little more. ;)

Ooh, I got a package notification slip in the mail this morning, but the package window was clooosed! So I guess I have to wait till Monday? Exciting, though! I love surprise packages!

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