Oh, lovely Friday

I am finally on my last whitestrips! These things are kind of annoying but it did actually work so that\’s good.

Tonight I enjoyed an evening of improv hilarity courtesy of The Whethermen! It was a lot like Whose Line Is It Anyway?, but with younger, cuter guys. ;) Heh. They also did an improvised musical called \”The Whiteboard on the Door.\” So random. So great.

I don\’t know what you\’re doing next Friday night, but I am going to be in DC with my godmommy cheering on our boys!!! (Also, Sidney Crosby!) I am sooo excited! I\’m also pretty happy that I\’m going home Monday night, even if it is for non-fun hospital/doctor stuff. I need a mini-break, and also? I need to bake something, people. I still owe people cookies anyway for \”getting them all sick.\” ;)

Homecoming game tomorrow! Hope it\’s good (i.e. not boring — I have a very short attention span when it comes to football).

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