Lo Sport!

Oooh. Interesting morning. We had a journalist and a photographer come into our Italian class because they\’re doing an article on us for a sports paper (which is pink, by the way, it\’s quite exciting) so we\’re like, sports paper? Okay? Our teacher asked if any of us could stay a few minutes after to get some photos taken and I don\’t have class till 12 so I thought, hey why not! So we had some pictures taken on the Lawn, and we did some shots of us talking with our teacher (only 4 of us stayed for the photos) and we\’re like, \”Okay, so why is a sports journal doing an article on an Italian class?\” And our teacher is like, \”Oh, well, actually … it\’s kind of on me, because I used to play basketball professionally in Italy and now I\’ve decided to try a career in teaching.\” Wha?? He was almost drafted into the NBA even, but he liked the Italy deal better and he played for about 10 years there and was apparently awesome. Sooo cool. Never would\’ve guessed that, even though he IS insanely tall. So all right! Fun learning for the day! Also, might have my picture in a hot pink Italian sports journal … I\’ll keep you all posted. ;)

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  1. loudlysilent says:

    That’s crazy =) Although it’s really cool to see people from different walks of life ending up doing teaching. I have a feeling I’ll be one of those people later in life…

    Uh, a pink sports paper? O.o

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