Spreading germs and holiday cheer

I wish it were snowing instead of raining, and I wish I could breathe through my nose. That\’s okay, though: I am totally ready for my Christmas travels! I was sick last Christmas too, though. Isn\’t it someone else\’s turn? I hope Santa brings me some Zicam. (Or my mom could go out and get it like she promised she would several hours ago.) Okay no more complaining now because it\’s Christmas Eve! Also, Ellen is back, and that is fabulous!! :D I hope everyone has a super wonderful Christmas (or Christmukkah)! I love you all! I have to go sneeze now! Goodbye!

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One Response to Spreading germs and holiday cheer

  1. Maureen says:

    Ho ho ho. I hope you feel better soon and have a fun Christmas.

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