Yeah movies!


I helped out with Project SERVE and met lots of people and went to the Salvation Army and picked up trash and pulled weeds. Whew. And then there was a BBQ, and then it rained.

I had the best introduction ever, from a girl I met last night (Lisa, who is awesome) to her friend: \”This is Lauren! She loves Hamlet and zucchini!\” I think that belongs on tshirts.

I took my first college nap! The Puritan Dilemma\’s not the most thrilling book, what can I say.

I had an adventure with Katherine and Ana (suitemates) trying to find the movie theatre. We wanted to see Red Eye and failed spectacularly! Hey, bus routes are confusing. At any rate, we did make it to a movie theatre, and I think that should count for something. Anyway, was not a total waste as we stopped at CVS and I bought a bottled frappuccino for Monday morning. Mmmm caffeine.

We watched The Phantom of the Opera when we got back, and then Newsies, but only skipping to the musical parts. So awesome. I haven\’t seen that movie in such a long time. Also, I just found out Christian Bale is British and it\’s taking me a while to process this information. Whoa.

Speaking of movies, last night Ana and Mary Anne and I went to Newcomb Theatre (on grounds) to watch The Hitchhiker\’s Guide to the Galaxy, which I loooved. It was so hilarious. I haven\’t read the book yet, but I definitely will. Plus, $3 for a movie ticket, and free popcorn?? Sweet.

P.S., I have accumulated 5 free cups in 7 days and I\’m not going to lie to you, I\’m pretty proud of myself.

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3 Responses to Yeah movies!

  1. Ney says:

    Hey hun, haven’t talked to you in a while but I just wanted to say hello. I’m glad things are going well. mmm…Christian Bales…sorry I just drooled a little! I love him in Little Women. *sigh*. Alright, I have to get some work done but I will talk to you real soon.
    PS. I’m getting rid of my AOL account (I don’t know how soon) and moving to NetZero, I think. I’ll let you know how that goes!

  2. Emma says:

    Christian Bale is actually Welsh. But he uses his American accent in interviews for his movies as to not confuse the moviegoers.

  3. ami says:

    Watch out -those cups are like rabbits and have a way of multiplying , increasing their numbers to gargantuan (sp??) proportions

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