Whew. Learning is exhausting.

Italian: Seems like it\’s going to be pretty intense. The professor is a little intimidating but mostly okay. The first half of class was only in Italian!! (That would be, um, sola(?) … something.) But probably that\’s a good thing. I just need to figure out what the homework is now. That would be helpful.

Astronomy: Sooo cool. I am excited about this one! The prof. seems really enthusiastic and I like it. Gotta watch for Jupiter and Venus in the west after the sun sets tonight! They\’re passing each other in about a week. He has this sky simulator on his computer too. It\’s awesome.

Computer science: Also going to be good. I like the professor a lot (he was playing Pink Floyd as we walked into the room, heh), and we get humor breaks in the middle of lectures \”to reset our brains.\” Today he showed us \”motivational posters\” … my favorite:


Teehee. I might have to switch to a different section of that course though, because they want to shift the students who have had experience in Java to 101E and then I\’d have a different teacher. So I\’m not sure what I want to do. Pros: The other class is at the same time as the one I have now, but I can do the labs on my own time so I could drop the lab I have at 7pm on Thursday nights. Also, I think it would be a smaller class size. Cons: We\’re doing the same material as the other class, but we may not review everything, and I\’m pretty sure I remember approximately, uh, nothing from taking Java senior year. So I\’m not too sure what to do right now, and I need to decide pretty much by tonight. Help me!

First-year food fest tonight, whoo! Free food and free tshirts. Yeah man.

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  1. I vote to switch – it seems to make more sense all the way around and you won’t have to try to play catch-up (not ketchup, mind you. Whole different animal, that is).

    Can you teach me Italian? Or should I just finally break out the damn books/cds and learn too so we can converse over everyone’s head at parties?

    BTW, be sure to check your mail in the next couple of days (SNAIL mail, baby. ). Smoochies and love. (oh! and I will send you a regular E-mail re: NG)

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