I.. don\’t.. know…

I am far too lethargic to form any kind of coherent paragraph about what\’s been going on lately, plus I\’m going to try not to ramble too much, so I think I\’ll stick with short sentences and fragments. Yesss.

I finally heard back from my roommate. Here is an excerpt from her first email: Well what are some of your hobbies and favorite shows? My hobby is cooking mainly. YES. I think we are going to get along just fine. ;)


Yesterday my mom, sister, and I went to see our cousin Michele sail in the Special Olympics. She won, too, and got a gold medal! We went on a little boat tour around the lake, too, while they were sailing, and it was pretty nice!

Oops, so much for sentence fragments and non-rambling. So guess what, I am way completely freaked out about school starting. I\’m not ready and it\’s scary and I want to stay home forever! Okay, I don\’t really, but I am kinda nervous and stressed. There are eleventy-hundred things to do and I have no idea where to start. Help me!!!

Hungry now so I think I\’ll start making dinner, which will be an attempt at a frittata. You should try saying that now. It\’s pretty fun.

Also, happy birthday to my old lady dog Katy, who is 14 today. That\’s 98 in dog years! Speaking of numbers, I forgot what 9×6 and also what 9×3 are today. Don\’t tell UVA, they will so not let me in anymore.

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