Friday stream of consciousness

Hooray! Friday! Ooh, my dad just got home from work and asked me to guess what celebrity he saw today. How exciting! He\’s working downtown now, so I guess that\’s one of the perks. Anyway, it was Michael Douglas, who I wouldn\’t have guessed, but hey that\’s pretty cool. He also saw the Nickels-Dimes-and-Quarters Hobo but I guess that\’s not quite as thrilling, huh?

Work was pretty fun today, except it was Tonya\’s last day so that\’s sad! She\’s so nice and says \”Oh, giiirl, no\” a lot and I\’m gonna miss her. I had to be on the phones in the afternoon but Friday is always slow so it was fine. There was this one woman though who called and would NOT stop talking. I kept telling her the same thing over and over and she kept telling ME the same thing over and over … yeesh. She wanted to schedule an appointment and had left a message with her doctor\’s nurse, but the nurses usually take 2-3 days to answer their voicemails (and it says so on the VM, and I let the woman know too) but she kept saying how bad her symptoms were and describing in minute detail her bowel movements (I work for gastroenterologists, remember!) and I kept trying to interrupt because hi, I don\’t need (or want, really) that information, but it just wouldn\’t work. I told her she could either wait for the nurse to call her back to make an appointment, or if she was really having serious problems to go to the emergency room. And she said she\’d rather not do that, but then she goes, \”So if it\’s a life or death emergency, I guess I should go to the emergency room.\” Um, YES. Please do. Then she said that she hoped she could make an appt soon: \”I mean, if I wait another 2 to 3 weeks, I could be dead.\” But she really said it kind of nonchalantly and oh I had to cover my mouth so I didn\’t bust out laughing. Yes, I know I should not find this lady\’s death concerns amusing but it cracked me up, man. Anyway, she finally got off the phone, after like 7 minutes. And then I was all giggly for a while, possibly in part because of the humongous raspberry iced tea I was enjoying (seriously, those Arizona cans are big!) that maybe had a little bit much sugar in it. Also, I walked over to the hospital cafeteria with Cynthia for lunch and it was raining so I ran back up to get my umbrella (took the stairs, and we\’re on the 4th floor … ooh, yikes, maybe this 4th-floor dorm thing is not going to work out so well!). Anyway I felt like a wimp for having to get it but then I was glad I did because it was pooouring when I went back out, and it\’s a little bit of a walk to the hospital. But then I couldn\’t find Cynthia when I got there and felt like a dork wandering around but finally she turned up; she had gone over to the ER to get one of their warm blankets since she got so wet from the rain, hehe. Anyway, the point of this story is that I got excellent chicken salad and my sandwich was only $1.86 so it all turned out just swell. :)

Arrested Development marathon on FOX tonight. Excellent! Also, um … where is everyone?? I haven\’t talked to anyone in a while. Although I also haven\’t been on IM in like 2 months so that could be part of the problem, I\’ll concede. Hmm, kind of have a headache now, so I better take some Aleve. Ooh also also, going school shopping tomorrow! Yay! Okay, hope everyone has a super weekend. :)

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  1. Maureen says:

    I’m right here! I was thinking about you today. We need to hangout soon. I’m working a lot, but we should hang out after work. I think I’m going to a party on 8/3 after work. You should come, I think the theme is going to be ghetto ,and it will be people from bull run. Give me a call if you can come!

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