Weekend Pictures

Ocean City

Chesapeake Bay

(More pictures from the weekend.) Sooo. How\’s it going? I was slightly less tired today. That was good. Yesterday I actually finally went to a gym (Cub Run), with Allison. I wanted to do the bike but I\’m not too bright so I was on the wrong kind (I think it was more supposed to simulate a racing bike) for like 5 minutes before I figured out the right one, but then it made my knee start to hurt, so I did the ellipticals and those were fun. I don\’t know how much more I\’ll get to go though, especially since it\’s like $5, so we\’ll see. I\’m also determined to finally ride my bike this week, but there is a heat wave going on, so maybe Friday, since it\’s supposed to break by then.

Meeting at work tomorrow! I think it\’s so people can complain. What fun! ;)

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