Sitting in the corner with the dunce hat

Okay, I obviously should not be going to UVA since I am too stupid to even figure out how to find my housing assignment. Yeesh. It\’s supposed to be up today but I have NO IDEA where. And hopefully it\’s not because I checked off the box for disability or whatever and then never got around to filling out that form … ooops. (I was only going to ask for a room on the 1st or 2nd floor so I won\’t have to walk up a million flights of steps, but I didn\’t realize I had to fill out a separate form until like 3 days ago. D\’oh.)

So yes. Me = dunce. But I just wanna know who my roommate issssss!

6:32 PM Oh! Never mind. My smart dad just found it for me. I am in Watson, which is in the Alderman dorms, on the FOURTH floor. Darn. And my roommate\’s name is Kristen. So … maybe I\’ll email her tomorrow … in hopes that she\’ll write first. ;) Oh, and to get your assignment, you have to go BACK to the application, log in, and then there is a link to your results … I mean, who would ever think of that??

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  1. ami says:

    I think Alderman is the name of the one of the libraries – are these dorms near there? When I went to grad school down there I lived on JPA extended (Jefferson Park Avenue – on the part where they extended the road) near Durty Nellie’s deli.

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