Yess, 3-day weekend! (I know, I know. I just got back from vacation. Hush.) Work was pretty good yesterday. I left in the middle of the day to go to my LAST PT appointment ever! Sniffle. That was fun because I was pretty much the only person there so I got all the attention. As it should be. ;) Bessie did all my measurements and I made it to 118 degrees in knee bend and also gained a good amount of muscle since the last time she measured my leg. (Um. I hope it\’s muscle!) I\’m actually doing a lot better at stairs now too, I think because of all the practice I got in London. Whew. (There was MUCH walking involved, as you\’ll see when I post the journal I kept.) So I got Bessie and Erin some UK socks and some toffees for everyone. Bessie gave me her email address so I can tell her when I want to come back and visit, yay! So that was fun, but sad. I\’ve been going for 8 months (since the end of October) so it\’s going to be weird to not have it anymore.

Then last night I went to Moe\’s for a little shindig and got to see the lovely Claire again, hurrah! (She\’s visiting for a couple weeks from Australia.) Andrew was there as well and we decided we must have afternoon tea sometime because man is clotted cream delicious. Those Brits sure know what they\’re doing!

Soon I\’m driving to MD to stay with my godmommy for the weekend! I haven\’t mentioned it yet, possibly because I\’m in denial, but she has moved awayyy from me and now I have to go all the way over the Bay Bridge to see her! THAT\’S SO FAR. Like a whole hour. (EDIT — er, make that TWO whole hours if you are as stupid as I am and can\’t follow road signs.) Gosh. But she\’s been there for a few weeks now so this is the first time I\’m going to see the house since she\’s moved in and she\’s having the July 4th party because she\’s got a POOL now and I\’m going to make lots and lots of food for it and it\’s all very exciting! So I suppose I better make sure I\’m all ready to leave in a few minutes, and I hope you all (well, the Americans, anyway) have a lovely holiday! And since I forgot to share my favorite Flag Day quote on June 14 (can you believe it?? I am just MUCH too busy), here it is now! Thought you could escape it this year, didn\’t you? Ha!

True love at last!

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