Back in the States

HOME again! It was an absolutely fantastic trip, up until our connecting flight to Dulles last night (delayed, then cancelled, so at 8pm we rented a car and drove home, and got back at 1am, whew!). Will put up pictures and all that soon (from Canada as well). Man, I so don\’t want to go back to work tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Back in the States

  1. Allie says:

    Hope you didn’t have too much trouble with the metal detectors! ;)

    I didn’t understand where Dulles was, at first. I’m sitting here, thinking, “Where could Dulles possibly be? It sounds kinda like an international place… BUT HOW COULD THEY DRIVE HOME FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY?!” I finally Googled it. And I feel dumb now :D

    Anyway! YAY, FUN TRIP TO LONDON! I am anxiously awaiting the pictures :)

  2. Lauren says:

    Ohh, the metal detectors. That was not so fun! Lots of patting down involved. Bad touch! ;)

    Heh, yeah, Dulles is just the airport near us. My mom was wondering if we knew anyone in NY, since we were waiting at JFK, and I was like, why yes, ALLIE! Although knocking on every door in Staten Island to try to find you probably wouldn’t have been the best idea. ;D

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