Catching up

In case you\’re wondering what happened in the past few days besides my cat\’s attempts to murder me, wonder no more!

Thursday — Went to see my godmommy\’s new house (they\’re moving in June). It\’s an hour away! Boohoo. :( Sure is pretty though! Might as well get yourself ready for pictures now. Because here they come.

Going over the Bay Bridge

House! (Not pictured: the pool. YAY POOL!)

The owners\’ dog. Dog hated me! I tried to take a picture of her face because her eyes were brown and blue BUT NO. After several failed attempts there was much barking at me and my camera.

Their cat looked like mine! (Well, not as cute, of course, and probably less evil.)


Dog kept glaring at me from under the couch. How rude!

Yay for also being near a beach!

Also, I made a new friend! A little girl lives next door and she came over with her dad and she hugged me and told me she loved me and we waved at birdies! And then she went back to her house to play on her playset and she kept waving and shouting at us. Aw. So cute and loud.

FridayVCU visit! My sister Christine is thinking about going there for art. So we went down to see Ney and look around a bit. Much fun! Had real college food and met a bunch of Vanessa\’s friends, one of whom helped show us around (Stephanie). Went to some building and got FREE STUFF! It was some late Earth Day thing, so it was all vegan propaganda and recycling tips but I grabbed some vegetarian recipe journal I think and a spiffy green key chain (green for recycling, of course!). And we saw Vinny! Then we checked out the art department and walked around campus some. I liked this sign:

Heh. (Vanessa went to Subway anyway.) We then went up MANY, MANY STAIRS to Vanessa\’s dorm which was nice and also tiny. But they had bunk beds! My leg muscles (or lack thereof) regrouped for a while and then we went to Carytown! Got Mothers\’ Day presents and looked in some cool shops. Dropped Ney back at her dorm because she had a talent show to get ready for. Had lots of fun! Thanks, Vanessa! :) Then, and this is sad, it took me 25 minutes to find my way out of Richmond. Sigh. I kept missing the signs for 95, but it\’s not REALLY my fault, since they were all HIDDEN BEHIND TREES. That\’s not helpful, you know. I think I was heading into downtown Richmond before I miraculously made it back to Vanessa\’s dorm. (One-way streets are also really unhelpful.) And then I made it onto 95 after making some of the same mistakes I had JUST maken. (See? So, so sad.) Then there was a 25c toll and I didn\’t stop close enough to it so I had to kind of throw a quarter at it but it was nice to me and went in. And then finally we were headed home. Whew.

Saturday — There was a \”Night of the Arts\” at O\’Connell and Christine had some of her artwork on display so we went. It was also catered by a bunch of different places and I have to say Maggianos\’ garlic bread was just so disappointing. I thought my teeth were going to come off biting into that thing. But everything else I had was tasty (two words: cream puffs. Drool.). And may I just say that my sister is so very awesome at art? I didn\’t take very good pictures, but trust me: she\’s good! And Natalie was there! So we talked about how jealous we are of our siblings who are going on the Europe trip next spring to Switzerland and Prague. Well, I\’m jealous, anyway!

Today — I got a job application for Barnes&Noble. Would probably be okay working there. I want to temp somewhere, if I can, though I don\’t know how to apply for that yet. Other new developments: braces back on next week (ugh ugh ugh), am having surgery May 10 (to get port out), and London trip (from Make-a-Wish) is June 20-30! And, finally:

Me: Look! A gorilla!
Dad: 12 monkeys.
Me: Um. What?
Dad: Isn\’t that a band?
Me: The… Gorillaz?
Dad: I guess so.
Me: It\’s not that.
Dad: Oh, wait! I think that\’s a gang symbol!
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4 Responses to Catching up

  1. Ney says:

    Guess what I had for dinner today? SUBWAY!

  2. Godmommy says:

    What a full, full weekend you had, missy! Thanks for the house pics. I’m gonna steal some (and post them on Snarkypantz) and I’m glad you got pics of Christine’s work. She is awesomely talented in that area, is she not? Richmond is not easy to navigate (this from someone who lived there for 11 years, too) so take it not personally.

    Barnes and Noble job = book discount!! wooo!

  3. Maureen says:

    whoa there miss you’ve been busy! Sounds like fun though.

  4. Cezanne says:

    I’ve always wanted an ORANGE cat, because that’s a funny color for fur. look at me laugh: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But MY cat is white and grey stripey and my roommate’s cat is black dotted with orange. isn’t that weird? polka dot cat.

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