Food wins

I must admit defeat. I ate both fish and mushrooms tonight, and I kinda liked them. (Olives, on the other hand, still suck.)

I got new contacts today FINALLY! I switched to disposables and they definitely don\’t make my eyes feel as dry, though I\’m not sure I\’m seeing as well as I want to still. We\’ll see how that goes.

Apparently I have an orthodontist tomorrow morning to evaluate my teeth. Boohoo. :(

Food pictures tomorrow! I loves me some risotto.

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2 Responses to Food wins

  1. Godmommy says:

    Darling, get your lingo right lest you look like a dorketta at UVA. It’s “I loveS me some … whatever” as in “I loves me some goddaughter” :-)

    Can I start counting down the days til we can hang by the pool, getting a tan, reading books and cooking (well, you’ll be doing the latter, of course. I will be watching you cook!)?

  2. Lauren says:

    Oops! What a heinous error! I shall fix it. :)

    I’d like to join in on counting down the days!! That sounds too good. I am totally up for poolside risotto! ;)

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