Items of Importance (more or less, but mostly less)

Item of Importance the First concerns olives. Olives are one of those foods I think I don\’t like, though I\’m not sure I\’ve actually tried them before. So we were at the Bonefish Grill on Wednesday and the salad had black olives in it and I thought, \”Swell! Here is my chance!\” I really want to like olives, you see. As much as I like food, I\’m actually pretty picky about a lot of things, but I wish I weren\’t. So I enthusiastically tried the olive! And I\’m sorry to say it was disgusting. It tasted all… alcoholic and fermenty. Kind of like that apple pie we had on Maureen\’s birthday one year where the apples had started to ferment except I still kind of liked it because hello, pie! But olives? Not good. (Black olives, at least.) What a shame.

The next item is this stupid essay I have to write. Apparently even when I\’m not in school and have NOTHING TO DO I am still a procrastinator. Not that that\’s surprising. I\’m applying for a couple of cancer scholarships and both require an essay (though obviously am hoping to get by with the same one for both). I just can\’t write about myself. Everything sounds stupid. Can\’t I write about someone else? I\’m good at research! And notecards! I\’ve had a month to do it and only just wrote the first few sentences yesterday. Hate it. Gotta do it this weekend though. Hmph.

Item the Third: I saw my doctor today. She says everything is GOOD! (Oops, I wrote \”FOOD\” at first. Well, that doesn\’t mean anything. The \”g\” and \”f\” keys are right next to each other. Easy mistake. Ahem. Where was I?) My tests were good, my blood counts are good, and … that is good! I can make an appointment to get my port taken out (ooh, more surgery, what fun) and get my.. braces back on. How depressing. 3 and a half years weren\’t enough. Hate orthodontistry. Hmmm anyway. Right. Everything is good! She was also asking if I needed her to write any letters to UVA for special requirements… like a dorm on the first floor. I never even thought about that. Probably a good idea though as stairs and I are not on good terms at the moment. (Especially today. Apparently rain = pain. :/) Also maybe I can get AC. Yes I knew good things would come of this. ;)

P.S. Happy Earth Day!

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6 Responses to Items of Importance (more or less, but mostly less)

  1. Kabe says:

    for your essay, maybe you could incorporate bits from this blog? there’s loads of cool and inspirational stuff that you’ve written in here!

  2. Lauren says:

    thank you! and thanks for the idea… the essay question asks for a few specific things that I don’t think I’ve really written about here but I’ll have to check!

  3. Ney says:

    Hola chica! I can’t wait to see you soon. May 10th is my last day and then I have to go to BIBLE STUDY CAMP (lol) for a week! I don’t know if I’ve told you but I am going to be a Bible Study leader next year for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship here! I’m excited about that. Well, I haven’t had a lot of time to check up on you but I’m glad to hear that you are doing well. Bummer about the braces. You’ll still look cute! I’ll talk to you later hun! ~V~

  4. Maureen says:

    I could write an essay about you, what kinds of things do they ask?

  5. Lauren says:

    Yay Ney! Can’t wait to see you too, in fact that reminds me, I must email you. :)

    Haha Maureen you’re so awesome. Actually I finally forced myself to write most of it today so I’m almost done, thankfully! It just asked why I wanted to further my education, how the illness affected my family and my decision on continuing my education, and how I feel I can help others by earning this degree. BLAH. I don’t even know what degree I want to earn! ;) But I did everything but the family stuff so I’m almost done, yay. But thanks for the offer! hehe

  6. Godmommy says:

    oooh! Can you post it? Or, alternately, email it to me? I’m just plain old nosy, ya know. BTW, almost time for another blog design! :)

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