Even more Italian

Another fun cooking class last night! We did meat dishes and polenta: roasted pork loin with fig jam, veal saltimbocca, grilled lamb, soft polenta, extra creamy soft polenta, and sauteed firm polenta. If eating a huge plate of Italian food at 10pm is wrong, then I don\’t want to be right!

Starting from the top, going clockwise … the pork loin and fig jam, sauteed polenta, creamy polenta, regular polenta, arugula salad (eh, I\’m not big on salad. this was the only thing left on my plate!), lamb, and in the center is the veal.

I managed to get more pictures than last time. A few of them are raw meat, so I\’ll stick the rest of them here:

Our group did the lamb, so this is after we rubbed the marinade on it (rosemary, garlic, and pepper).

Cooking the polenta

The veal dish, which was a thin piece of veal, a piece of prosciutto, and a sage leaf.

Our chef spreading the polenta in a pan to put in the fridge to harden.

Grilling the lamb … flamey!

Nice grill marks, those!

Resting the lamb

Veal getting sauteed after being dredged in flour. Then it was all put back into a sauce, which was so so good.

Mrs S cutting up our polenta!

Sauteeing the polenta, mm

The lamb all cut up … pretty rare! I went for the more well done pieces.

Pork loin in the back, then both soft polenta dishes, then the salad, and the veal in front. I quite like this picture! Hope those people don\’t mind being in it.

Pork and polenta

Haha I saw this poster in the reception area. Now that\’s a periodic table I could memorize!

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