Weekend in Pennsylvania

Had a pretty fun weekend visiting my brother at Penn State! My mom and I left Friday afternoon for the long (4 hours) and smelly (I like cows and all, but let\’s face it: they\’re smelly) drive. Joe gave us directions for the \”scenic route\”!

\”Scenic bypass\” mountainside

Yeah, I don\’t know what I was taking a picture of either.

It was pretty nice though. We got there around 8:45 and went out for dinner at Mario & Luigi\’s (hee) and Italian food 3 nights a week will get no complaints from me! It was so excellenttt. I\’ve wanted to try gnocchi for a long time and they had TWO kinds! So I went with spinach gnocchi in marscarpone sauce and it was SO GOOD. I would have taken a picture but I was too hungry. Sadly I could only finish about half of it — curse my inability to resist free bread!! Did manage to split some tiramisu with my mom for dessert though. ;) Then was going to stop by some bar with Joe to meet some of his friends but it was a karaoke night or something and there was a cover charge and we are cheap so instead of calling Mom back right away to come get us … gee, let\’s WALK the mile back to the townhouse! My leg was nice and put up with it though. I also learned much about my brother, like his life plan for the next 20 years. Interesting!

Saturday we had a delicious brunch at The Waffle Shop and then did some errandy stuff (I got shiny new baking sheets at Sam\’s Club! It was like Christmas!) and my mom cleaned the bathrooms at Joe\’s place and we met his housemates and I tried to recover from all the walking and carrying I was being subjected to. Poor me. :(

Joe\’s townhouse

Wall of random license plates

Wall of Lance! (well technically, Door of Lance)

Then we went to Mass, then Joe showed us the meteorology department where his office is…

Building where Joe works

Blurry, but I found this amusing!

Some crazy contraption in Joe\’s office. Oh, those meteorologists!

Weather artwork! Poor little cow in the tornado. :/

Nice try, sign.

Here\’s what we were supposed to keep out of: the TV room!

The green screen part

…and then we drove to Bellefonte to have dinner! We went to a fancy place called Gamble Mills where I did only slightly better at resisting the bread (mmm ciabatta) and got creole chicken, which was chicken and andouille sausage with red peppers and linguini. Mmm very tasty. Again, wish I\’d taken a picture, but didn\’t want to look weird (yeah, sometimes I try).

Trains in Bellefonte

After dinner, I chased a couple of ducks. Naturally.

On the way back we got ice cream at the Creamery. By the time my brother had finished his cone I had only made it through one out of two scoops on mine. I\’m a slow eater! Then back to the hotel where I used the fun whirlpool bath and apparently caused a leak or some such but I followed the instructions so I shall not blame myself but rather their shoddy plumbing, thank you! Ahem.

Anyway so Sunday we came back home! First, though, I got a Happy Valley tshirt and we picked up some ice cream from the Creamery to bring home. It was a fun trip though. I don\’t really spend a lot of time with my brother so it was nice, plus he is getting into cooking now too so we have something to bond over! When we got home I spent the rest of the day lying around and catching up on some TIVOed stuff because, you know, still trying to recover from all the WALKING which has left me sore in some really random places. PT was good today though, but I just can\’t get past 115 degrees in my knee bend. Very frustrating. Oh well. Cooking class tomorrow night, yay!

The rest of the random pictures:

Ah, cruising.

How green

Pretty Flowers, Part I

Pretty Flowers, Part II



Attempt to take a picture of some mountains. Looks like a bad watercolor, huh? ;)

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  1. Mom & Dad says:

    Joe has a 20 year life plan?

  2. Maureen says:

    Hey you guess what!!!! Hellogoodbye and All American Rejects are going to be at the 9:30 club on may 4th!!!!!! We MUST go.

  3. Lauren says:

    Ohh Maureen I am so there!!! I didn’t know you’d be home so early, yay!

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