Tuesday Ramblings

Today I ate a lot of chocolate. Mmm, chocolate. I changed my mind about that no sugar thing. Sugar is my friend.

My mom and sister went to Cancun today for vacation. Apparently my sister wants to get her bellybutton pierced there. AAAAAAHHHH EWWWWWWW. I cannot fathom why ANYONE would want to do this, but that\’s probably because I get squeamish even at the mention of the word \”bellybutton,\” and in fact, I\’m squicking myself out with having just typed it twice. :/

Tomorrow I am hopefully seeing Michelle and we shall go to the movies and have a jolly time!

Today we got Chinese food and because occasionally I like to be bold and adventurous, I ordered the \”vegetarian pan-fried noodles,\” because, mm fried noodles? Yes, but the veggie sauce, not so good. It had a weird smell to it. This is why I stick with good ol\’ faithful chicken fried rice. It never fails me!

Also, I just have to say that Veronica Mars was SO GOOD tonight. That is all.

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2 Responses to Tuesday Ramblings

  1. Allie says:

    My trusted Chinese food item is chicken with vegetables in garlic sauce. Mmm… I’m salivating as I type this. I’m hungry. It’s 11 PM and … now I’m craving Chinese food.

    I sometimes mix it up with chicken chow mein, depending on the restaurant. (The one from which we usually order here on Staten Island has horrible chow mein. The vegetables are all soggy and… grey, ew. However, the one my parents and I frequent in Brooklyn has very bright vegetables, very crisp and yummy. So good.)

    Damnit! I’m just making myself hungrier :P

  2. Please to check your gmail account sweetie pie for important info. :)

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