I feel so patriotic!

\"voted.gif\" Indeed I did! How exciting! Well it was for a few minutes anyway. I got an absentee ballot in case I\’m in the hospital or something on election day. You never know! So.. yeah. That\’s what I did.

I\’m going to change over to WordPress so I spent most of today installing and playing with that, and I thought I had it all figured it out but then I couldn\’t post a second entry, bah. So, still working on that.

Two great sites I found today…
Cooking for Engineers: I love it!
Loogy: Hee, so funny.

And that\’s kinda my day in a nutshell. Ah, how gripping it is. I also had ice cream and talked to both Maureen and Ashley. Oh and I did my sister\’s physics homework on the condition that she will be NICE to me. Man, the price I pay. ;)

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