My nails are useless

Very happy birt(h)day to my fabulous fairy godmommy!! Who wants cake?

Lots of blood for me today. I sat in the infusion room for many, many hours. First one there, last one to leave. At least I got to catch up on naps and old Disney movies (101 Dalmations, Peter Pan). My buddy Heather was there. She is officially in maintenance as soon as her counts are good. Awesome! Except I guess I won\’t see her much anymore, and I will miss her. By the way, my port actually COOPERATED today!!! Well, I was excited!

You\’d think a dream with Jude Law in it could not possibly be anything short of awesome, but then all that happens is 3 people inform you that you don\’t look any older than thirteen, and then Jude Law totally won\’t even sign your leg brace.

I believe you are in league with the butcher.
I\’ll give ya Halloween candy if you know where that\’s from.

PS: How do I get rid of spam in my comments??

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2 Responses to My nails are useless

  1. Allie says:

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

    …Of course, I’ve never seen the movie. And I, of course, simply Googled the phrase.

    Now where’s my candy?! ;D

    I’ve had numerous people tell me I look 12. It’s especially hurtful when you’re out with your younger sister and people refuse to believe you’re older: “She’s your younger sister? You’re older?!” *cries*

  2. Lauren says:

    Hehe. You should see the movie! It’s pretty good. Audrey Hepburn is too gorgeous for her own good though. Totally unfair. ;D

    Oh man, that happens to me ALL THE TIME! People always think my sister is older than me! *joins you in crying* *and, brings the Halloween candy* ;)

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