Hospital Stuff Part Deux

So where was I? Oh sure:

TUES: First day of physical therapy, must say is esp. difficult when functioning on approximately 3.5 hours of sleep. :/ Definitely need to build up that upper body. So so tiring. Kinda a down day until the Gilmore Girls premiere! — which of course I missed 10 minutes of when nurses decided the middle of the episode was the optimal time to change my leg dressing. Blah. (Luckily mom taped it and haved watched it twice in its entirety since. Heh.)

WED: Much better day! Had more PT, walked all the way to the door of the room, only almost fell down once… ;)

THURS: Was alone for the morning which was a little scary, but spent most of the time in the PT gym doing more walking and learning how to do stairs. Also met a very nice older man who was learning to get around with a new hip (I think) because of his bone cancer; actually mostly talked to his wife, because she talked to me first, and was very sociable and nice. They were only a few doors down from my room so I said bye when I was leaving which was happily a few hours later!

Yes yes not very exciting but hey that\’s the hospital for you. ;) I was at Washington Hospital Center for this, and usually I\’m at Children\’s, and I gotta say, Children\’s is much much better. Except for the food. WHC\’s food was awesome, if you can believe that about hospital food! Really it was. But Children\’s has much better nurses (I actually believe they know what they are doing) and TV channels. (Oh cable, I missed thee!) Speaking of TV, I watched Joan of Arcadia for the first time last night and it was very good. Any other shows I should not be missing out on? \’Cause I literally have nothing else to do at the moment. Heh. Anyway so… think that is all. Oh I also got a new cell phone. It\’s really just an upgrade. My family has not gotten with the flip phones yet. But it has pretty colors now! Anyway so now my sister has her own and I have mine back, and I have it with me and will have it on during the day in case anyone wants to call (oh please I\’m so looonely ;). Same number! Okay. Desperate plea time over. Now I do believe I\’m done. So what\’s new with you guys?

PS: Happy 22nd anniversary to my parents! Yay!

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4 Responses to Hospital Stuff Part Deux

  1. Allie says:

    Hey, could I get a copy of that Gilmore Girls tape? BECAUSE I MISSED THE WHOLE THING! WAHH! :( Tuesday was my parents’ 20th anniversary… and my mom decided it was the perfect night to do 5 shots of Vodka and then talk to me for 2.5 looong hours.

    You seem to be recovering quickly. Well, you’re not falling! (At least, you’re not telling us about it ;D)

    I wish you a speedy recovery… and I’m glad everything well :)

  2. Mary says:

    I’m so glad that you’re doing better!!! I hope PT is going ok for ya.

    Gotta go do some homework but I’ll talk to you later


  3. Lauren says:

    Hee! It was my parents’ anniversary yesterday, but luckily no vodka shots were involved… I’m not sure my parents were even home at the same times during the day… heh. Sorry you missed GG, though! :/ Do you ever read the recaps at TWoP? They’re always good!

  4. Mom & Dad says:

    We were home later in the evening together and we chose to drink the wine that your newly 21 year old brother bought for us. We even lit our anniversary candle and exchanged cards! See, there is always time for romance, even if our work schedule is erratic!

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