My Life Story

Sooo. Lots of blood. Yes yes yes. All fueled up for Friday. Fabulous.

They actually got my port accessed and blood drawn in a reasonable amount of time. And it was working fine. Until the blood came and then, oh, occlusions all over the place! Blood wouldn\’t go in. So had to get IV stick in my hand. :( Oh I am not liking this new trend at ALL. Then, thought was done at 4:00, \’cause I\’ve never gotten more than 2 units of blood at a time before. Except for today! Threeee. So. Finished at 6:00 instead. Oy. What a waste of a day. Oh well. Not like I would have done more than watch TV anyway. ;) Plus? My hemoglobin\’s probably, like, a 14 now. The normal amount!!! I feel like Superman! (Not quite. Maybe Superboy?)

So tomorrow Claire and I are gonna take on The Princess Diaries 2, hopefully. I\’ll call ya buddy! And also, well… there is too much to do and not enough time (or motivation) to actually do it. Have I mentioned that Friday is freaking me out? Gah.

PS: Forgot to mention! Right after I was all crying after my IV stick (shut up, it\’s not like I\’m 18 or anything…) the CLOWNS CAME IN!!! So I started crying more and they were all \”ohh what\’s wrong?\” and I said I DON\’T LIKE CLOWNS and they finally took the hint and went away. Stupid clowns. If this happens one more time I\’m getting me a restraining order. (If only!)

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3 Responses to My Life Story

  1. Maureen says:

    you should listen to ‘Dry Your Eyes Mate’ by the Streets…its a good song and the guy has an accent!Give me a call tomorrow I’ll be in after 1pm

  2. Ney says:

    Hey there, don’t worry I cry ALL the time. You know me. haha. Just wanted to say hola and I’ll call you later on today. I have some time during noon and 2 so I’ll try to squeeze you in between homework (yeah right)! love ya lots chica

  3. Natalie Lauby says:

    hang in there, lauren!! i will be thinking about you and praying for you!! love ya!! :)

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