Jack & Bobby

Anyone else watch the Jack & Bobby pilot last night? I liked it. They gave away a lot of stuff already (e.g. who becomes president and that one of the brothers dies) but I think the whole point is to see how all the characters get there. Speaking of characters? Jack (Matt Long) is way pretty. And Bobby (Logan Lerman) reminds me a lot of little Sean Astin in The Goonies, especially with the whole asthma thing. So cute! And I like Courtney (Jessica Pare) because she is pretty but also normal-looking, unlike, say, Marissa Cooper or Lana Lang. For example. ;) Also the mom is kinda crazy and annoying but I don\’t know if I hate her, so we\’ll see how that works out.

In conclusion: Do I watch too much TV? Yes. Do I have anything better to do? No! So, if you\’re interested, I think the WB is showing it again on Thursday (@ 9). It really was pretty interesting and very well-done for a pilot. I\’m so glad there\’s new TV for me to watch again, yay! (7th Heaven (yikes) and Everwood tonight! Yeah!)

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