Today I went bargain shopping with my mom at TJMaxx and Ross, and got some khaki corduroys (hm, never had to spell that before), which are not fabulous, but at least they are loads better than the khakis I have. And I got some nice shirts so now I have something other than tshirts, yay! Okay. Then went bowling with Vanessa, because she was home for the weekend, and Claire and her little brother Tom, which was much fun, even though we all suck at bowling except for Claire. She is good because of the magic foot flip thing, which I cannot master as I have no coordination. So I know, I went out two days in a row?? Madness! But I must squeeze all the fun I can out of the next 5 days, so. Doing well so far!

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  1. Ney says:

    Hola there. Had a blast last night! WHOO HOO. Yay for bowling and the ugly shoes! Yep well… carple tunnel acting up again so I’ll talk to you soon chica! Love ya!

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