Wow. You\’ll never believe what happened today … absolutely nothing! And it was every bit as exciting as it sounds. Yeesh. My ANC is only 34 and it needs to be 1000 for me to go out … so I guess I am stuck at home for a few more days! Except tomorrow, because we have a family therapy meeting at the hospital with my case worker. Oh boy. I\’m sure that will be productive. Anyway. Last night was good though! Michelle and I went out for ice cream, ridiculed the VMA\’s, and pondered the existence of rap. I miss her already. :( But I am glad to see that Go Fug Yourself has already commented on the VMA\’s. We were especially worried about Beyonce last night, as she seemed to have left her pants on the seat when she got up to receive her award.

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3 Responses to Nichts

  1. dani says:

    I read the fugging it up site and laughed OUT LOUD :)
    As someone who watched the VMAs and was feeling a little too old during the best VMA for a video game award, the site was the best. Seriously, why hot pants B? Why!! Especially with the coat and hair that swallowed her head!

  2. Dani, I was just thinking that you would love this site (fugging it up) –> are they hilarious or what??? I love them. Primo snark!

  3. Ney says:

    Hey hun. I read that fug page and I’ve never laughed that hard before. I almost wet myself when I got to the Russian gymnast pictures. She scares me. I died when I saw the picuter of her “smiling!” My roommate and I were in convulsions when we read her captions. Love you and miss you. P.S. I’ll be back home this weekend if you want to do something. I’d tell you to call me but my cell is dead. More details on my xanga!

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