I Am Lazy

Hello friends! I am feeling better from my new blood. Yesterday my hemoglobin count was 6. The normal range? 13-14! Yes. Lacking half your blood will cause some bad headaches. That oxygen stuff really helps your brain, man. Anyway. I celebrated today by doing, um, nothing. My white cell count is still low so I don\’t feel fantastic. But just wait till the end of the week. I am gonna get out and make some trouble! Yeah!

In other news, I got a postcard from Claire in England today! Hurrah! She is gonna help with the trouble-making when she gets home because all our pals will be at college. Yes. Watch out. We\’re gonna get crazy! Like going to movies and stuff! Yeah!! Also today, \”Barry from Apple Computers\” called to see how I was doing with my PowerBook. Well I\’m doing wonderfully, if you must know. It\’s pretty and it doesn\’t crash! I think I might be a full convert to Mac. (I didn\’t tell Barry all that. I think I said, \”Umm, it\’s really good,\” or something to that effect. I was kind of in the middle of eating spaghetti, thanks very much Barry.)

Now I\’m watching Bend It Like Beckham. I think I need a snack. Good thing I got some salt water taffy from my mom\’s friend. Mmm that stuff\’s mighty addictive.

P.S. Is it just me or does Aaron Carter equal Jesse McCartney?? Should we worry about this? Are they cloning pop stars now?

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