wasting my life waiting for you

Rats. The good times must end. My platelets finally bounced back and it\’s chemo time tomorrow! Today I saw my surgeon. We had to wait two hours and fifteen minutes for approximately 7 minutes\’ worth of information and surprise x-rays. Doctors\’ offices fill me with rage. Like I have nothing better to do than wait hours for their precious time. Yeesh. Well anyway. Got some good news at least! After this week\’s chemo, I get a break until surgery. And my surgery\’s not until September 10. So I get a very lonnng break. :D <-- here is me! Hurrah! Don\'t know why they said surgery would be the second week in August though. STOP LYING TO MEEE. Then after surgery I probably have another month and a half off before starting chemo again because I have to recover. And will probably be on crutches 4-6 weeks. Gahh.. my armpits anticipate pain. The only downside to this is that that pushes my chemo schedule off about two months.. guess I won\'t be done in December after all. :/ So to make the most of my last fun night, my parental units and I ate out in DC, then Aunt Lisa came over and we plus my sister went to Walmart to get some supplies so we can pretend to be crafty and make neato display boards. And then we forced my sister to drive in the empty Michaels parking lot. Was great fun! Then I tried to force her to get ice cream with me too but no she\’s too good for ice cream so we went to TCBY and I saw Andrew there! And now I must sleep because early wake up tomorrow for chemo. Ugh ugh ugh. But just 5 days. Then more fun. Yess. :D

P.S. Oh yeah, the Aug 8 thing? No more Aug 8. I lied. Now that I don\’t have to squeeze it in before surgery (YAY) I\’d rather do it Aug 14, after the O\’Connell yearbook thing, when there is a much better chance of me not feeling nauseated the whole time. Just so you know, for the three people who read this that this applies to. ;)

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