Spidermen and Lizardmen

Continuing on my good times streak, I saw Michelle today!! We were going to see Anchorman but we got the time messed up so we saw Spider-Man 2 instead cuz Michelle still hadn\’t seen it. Ah so good. This time I noticed that Harry Osbourne is wearing a green bowtie in the church at the end. Uh huh. Nice sequel set-up, that! Then we got sammiches at Potbelly. Oh man so good!! They toast them. Awesome. So tomorrow we will possibly venture to DC and cause some trouble there. Also I plan on stalking Aunt Lisa at work and having some lunch with her. Humm now my father is making me watch a show called \”Humanimals\” where a man is trying his best to look like a lizard. Well okay then. How about I watch \”What Not to Wear\” instead. Yes.

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2 Responses to Spidermen and Lizardmen

  1. Claire says:

    london was fantastic. swarming with hot guys…very good. missing everyone dearly, love you heaps (on someone elses computer so have to keep it short) bye

  2. Michelle says:

    Very clever entry subject, Luaren! Well done! A+ :)

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