The Postal Service – Such Great Heights

Last night was so fun! I love hanging out at Maureen\’s. :) I donned my Waldo costume at the mall with Moe and Claire and at K-Mart too, but I couldn\’t go trick-or-treating because I had to chauffeur my sister from one party to the next. Oh that popular girl. But it\’s probably a good thing, because we have enough leftover Halloween candy for me to gain 13 pounds from without me having my own stash. Then I went back to Maureen\’s, and we watched House of 1000 Corpses, which was.. uh, well, not terrifying, but definitely confusing and creepy and gross. Okay it was a little scary, because of course it had to include clowns, dismembered dolls, and scarecrows, none of which I enjoy. Then we watched Bend It Like Beckham and that\’s always good! Also this morning we watched MST3K: Teen-Age Strangler. Gotta love that Mikey. Heh. Other than that I\’ve been wasting time, which of course Fr. Stan told us not to do, but I am bad like that. I kinda feel like cleaning my room now though. Huh. And probably I\’ll go to the football game tonight, and we better beat PVI, although I won\’t know because I am incapable of paying attention to football. And then I always miss the exciting parts. It\’s unfortunate.

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