Oingo Boingo – Dead Man\’s Party

Wow. Please remind me never to attempt sewing ever again. I just made my hat for my Waldo costume! And I better not hear any mocking tonight because it took me approximately 2.5 hours, guys. Sewing on the pom was all right but then I tried to make the red stripe out of felt and I sewed it all together perfectly (or as perfectly as my elephant fingers could manage) and then remembered that felt doesn\’t stretch. Right, of course. I thought I knew that but apparently not! So I cut some red bit off an old hat we had and pinned that on.. and it\’s interesting.. but it will have to do, won\’t it? Anyway yeah! Don\’t worry, I\’ll get you a picture. ;) Don\’t think I\’m going trick-or-treating tonight though, just over to Maureen\’s for a sleepover and.. I don\’t know what else! I do think we need to watch Donnie Darko though because 1) Moe hasn\’t seen it yet and that\’s just wrong, 2) good timing for Halloween, yes?, and 3) that\’s about the limit of my fear-capacity.. haha. Sad, yes, but I couldn\’t even look at the TV when Frank was on the first time I saw it. So can\’t have any movies scarier than that! Okay anyway. Oh maybe I should have lunch now. Stupid hat.. putting off my eating schedule.. yes okay. Have a horrific Halloween, or something. I don\’t know if anyone noticed but I put a song up for download over yonder in the sidebar.. \”Dead Man\’s Party\” by Oingo Boingo, and it\’s good stuff, especially for Halloween, so yeah. Have fun tonight, kids! Watch out for the BunnyMan and.. his associates. I guess.

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  1. Eve says:

    ah I can’t do anything “domestic.” hope you had a cool Halloween. :)

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