Beach Chemo Week!

Hm, can I change my hair loss bet from next Monday to, like, this Wednesday? Turns out the washing of the hair isn\’t so good for the.. keeping it in. Oh well. Now I get to wear my Caps cap! That\’s okay. This morning I saw Shrek 2! with the GOC, Nuncle Bill, and Non-cousin Justin! It was good except I wish I had been more, err, conscious for the most part. But the parts I saw were very cute and funny, so someday, when I am not drowsy with drugs, I must watch again. :) Then we went to McKay\’s Used Books and I got a few girly books, all with good-looking covers, of course! And then home. And reading. And sleeping. And taking medicine. Welcome to my new life of fun and excitement. ;) And I did my mouth care routine around 8 even though I felt nauseated and I finished and was telling my mom, oh it\’s fine, I just build it up to be so bad before I take it, then I take it and it\’s fine, blah blah, and then of course I throw up. (New count: 9.. I think.) Guess I won\’t be eating scalloped potatoes anymore. Bummer. :/ Lala anyway. Then watched lots of What Not to Wear. Good times. Tomorrow I start my second round of chemo even though I should be going to beach week with all my buddieees. Boo. I hope you all have fun, though! Don\’t do anything I wouldn\’t do! Well, you can do some things I wouldn\’t do; otherwise how could you have any fun? Hehe. But the chemo deal this week is just that I go in for the day, get pumped full of the chemo drugs, and then get sent home? And then repeat for 4 more days? Oh sounds way more fun than beach week. What am I complaining about! Okay well. Must get up at 6:30 so I\’ll see you laterrr.

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  1. Maureen says:

    HEEEYY!! You will be missed at beach week, but don’t worry, we’ll do stuff that you woldn’t do. And we will be calling you. I have the present I was supposed to give you from Stefanie, so if you want to visit w/ my mom for some reason you can get it, or else I’ll bring it by when I come back. Bye chica!!!Love you.

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