Ciao, hair!

The Hair is no more! Got it all chopped off today. I don\’t know how many inches. Hm. Gave the ponytail to Locks of Love though, and then got the rest cut.. short. It looks okay though. Maybe I look like a boy, but I think I make a cute boy, at least! Oh well, it\’ll all be gone soon anyway! Shall we place bets? I say.. by next Monday, gone. Maybe. I have no idea. Ooh it\’s gonna be weird. I need to get some wigs. ;) Guess what, my white cells are cooler than yours (haha \”my white cells bring all the boys to the yard..\” sorry, hee) because I got my count up from 300-something a couple days ago to 7000 today! Yeah how do you like that! I am going to see Shrek 2 tomorrow even if I do have to wear a mask in the theatre. ;) Also I think my blood transfusion must have been old lady blood because all I want to do is sleeeeep. And on that note! Good night!

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3 Responses to Ciao, hair!

  1. Godmommy says:

    “my white cells bring all the boys to the yard ..” TEE HEE HEE That literally made me laugh out loud. Ya nut.

    I think your hairdo looks so cute. Seriously. And so what if it’s all gone by the end of the week? That means we all get to go wig shopping (oh Danielle?? Come join us, won’t you?) That should be big fun.

    YEY for Shrek2!

  2. Cathy says:

    La … so proud of you for giving your hair to Locks of Love … they are a great organization … and you know they will pay for a wig for you, I think. Maybe now that you are 18 you may be out of eligibility … see it sucks being a grown up sometime. Post a pic of your new do!!!

    Big hugs,
    Cathy of SC

  3. Dani says:

    I said I’d go wig shopping with y’all on Sunday, if you’ll have me!

    Shrek 2 was very cute! I LOVED Puss in Boots.
    Day After Tomorrow scared the bejesus after me. Ah, off to Giant to buy mass quantites of water and canned goods :) Why is it always the East Coast? Why oh why!

    Later my dear one~

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