Cake or death?

Oh Eddie! It was fantabulous last night! So good, so good. I loved it. :D So I won\’t elaborate because it\’s all mixed up in my head now but here\’s a review if you want. And if you still haven\’t looked up Eddie Izzard after all my ranting.. well then I guess you don\’t trust me. And that hurts. Well no not really. It\’s fine. He\’s amazing though, and you will think so too! But moving on. After the show we (me, my sister, the godmother of cool) got to meeeeeet him! And maybe we (okay, you, heehee) freaked him out a little but who cares cuz we got a picture!! And as soon as my sister gets it off her camera I will put it up here. So that was that, and I didn\’t get home till 12:45, resulting in approximately 4.5 hours of sleep, but hey that\’s all right because it rocked. :)

Today was … karaoke. Again. In religion class. Meh. We did \”Flavor of the Week\” (\”made popular by American Hi-Fi!\”), which I like and know (always helpful), so I got into it a little more and then at the end realized my mic was off. Aah, yes. I am so failing that class. Also today was volunteer day and unfortunately I got all the crap jobs, and I do mean crap. Mucking out stalls, not so fun. Oh well, time to do minimal amount of homework now and then watch Smallville and The OC — Adam Brody! Yeah! But man I wish this week was over. I kinda miss sleeping.

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2 Responses to Cake or death?

  1. Allie says:

    “…I got into it a little more and then at the end realized my mic was off.” Oh, man… That always happens! Stupid irony :P

    I’m glad to hear you had fun :D I still haven’t looked up Eddie Izzard, though… But that’s purely out of laziness :)

  2. Michelle says:

    Amen to laziness.

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