Happy birthday to meee

Oh HI! Remember me? It\’s okay, I forgive you if you don\’t. I have been in the hospital pretty much two weeks straight. Yeesh. Well, got home last night, finally, and so far am STILL home! (knocks on wood) Yikes, my typing skills are a little rusty. Well thank you very much to my lovely wonderful godmommy for updating for me while I was gone. I know I dictated some of that to her, but it was on one of those new-medicine/hmm-interesting-side-effects days, so I\’m not sure I\’m responsible for all that said! Let me update that barf count for ya though … 7 total. How about that. Okay, 6 and a half, technically. Still not enjoyable, obviously. Glad when they finally got me some anti-nausea meds that WORKED. Only took daaays. Anyway. Well, I did survive my first round of chemo. I\’m not feeling fabulous; not feeling terrible. Ladies, I must tell you, two weeks in the hospital sure won\’t hurt your figure. I\’ll keep my eye on the bright side. ;) Also It is my BIRTHDAY finally, yay! 18, guys! Let the gambling begin! (Think I\’ll skip the porn and cigs for now, though.) Our senior class baccalaureate Mass and brunch was this morning, and that was great because I finally got to see how my perfect wonderful fabulous friends again!! I missed you all!! Only a few downsides this morning, like, for example, my name somehow disappeared from my homeroom list (come on guys, it\’s been 2 weeks; I didn\’t DIE or anything, geez) so I just took someone else\’s place, and of course I was Miss Uninformed as usual and did not have my grad robe and cap with me, oops, but I got to borrow one. Then Mass was not so great because it was too hot and all the getting up.. gahh. Finally ran outside after communion and just waited the rest out in the lobby. That was okay. Someone bought me a bottle of water, awww. That was so nice. Thank you, strange man! I appreciated it much! Then we went to the Sheraton for our brunch, which was very nice. I was not allowed to eat my strawberries and that made me sad. I bet they weren\’t that germy. So I guess some people are coming over around 3 for some birthday shenanigans, yay! Everyone is welcome! As long as you are not sick cuz then you are not allowed near me, sorry. Nothing personal. :D I still love ya! I am trying to get used to the cicadas. Good golly. Noisy things. Anyway. Don\’t know really how incoherent this turned out so hope you made it thru okay. I go lie down now. Hope to see you at 3! P.S. Lots of thanks and love to anyone who visited me in the hospital, especially Michelle & Family, Moe and Ney and Claire, and of course also my wonderful second parents, Aunt Lisa and Nuncle Bill! And also my siblings and my grandma and of course my real parents who definitely love me a lot, no doubt about that. Okay this must be very long. And something smells like soup, mmm, so maybe I will investigate. Goodbye, goodbye. I should be around the rest of the week! See ya!

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  1. Ney says:

    Hey Laur, sorry I couldn’t make it to the party. I hope you had fun and enjoyed yourself. I passed out when I got home! Guess what? I’m almost done with my Spanish story! Yes, I can’t believe they are still making me learn… it’s practically summer!?!? I’ll see you later!

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