We\’re concentrating on falling apart

It\’s a good thing I decided to just not care about how I did on the AP Physics, cuz otherwise I would sure be upset right now. If I get above a 1 I will be ecstatic! Probably should have studied more. Oh well. ;)

My sister and I went to see New York Minute today (please don\’t laugh!). It wasn\’t too bad. In fact, I\’d say it\’s worth it just to hear Andy Richter\’s Chinese accent, hahaha. Bravo. So we decided Ashley can act; Mary Kate really can\’t, and really shouldn\’t. Don\’t let her drag you down, Ashley! And -10 for putting Simple Plan in. And -20 for mentioning Avril Lavigne. Okay I\’m done. ;) (Mean Girls was better!)

Ooh HP is gonna be awesome, you know. I can\’t wait! Oh okay, enough about movies. Tomorrow I\’m having surgery (to get a catheter implanted, eeek) so I got Annointing of the Sick today! Hey, 5 out of 7 sacraments I\’ve got now. Just need to get married or become a nun. Okay! I\’ll.. work on that. So I\’ll be at the hospital until Thursday I think. I wish the nurses/doctors/whoever would stop telling me wrong things. :| Because then I tell other people.. and then the things change.. and so I am just lying to everyone.. thanks, hospital employees. So if I told you I\’m starting chemo and will be at the hospital all week? Forget it. I don\’t know what\’s going on. It\’s just a little frustrating, you know. Anyway. I still love everyone! People need to stop being so nice to me! I guess I\’ll pack up some stuff now for the hospital. :/ See ya around?

P.S. I hate ants, but I love aunts!

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5 Responses to We\’re concentrating on falling apart

  1. Natalie says:

    i’ll be thinking about you lauren!!! hang in there!!! :)

  2. Natalie says:

    oh btw, i got my prom pictures developed and my mom wanted me to pass along that “you looked beautiful and that your smile was gorgeous…along with your hair and your makeup and your dress” so props to you!! haha :)

  3. Maureen says:

    I have prom pics too!

  4. %4A%6F%6E says:

    I always hated Physics.

    Once you get old like me, employers don’t give a rip how you did on an exam, but I’m SURE you’re just being hard on yourself. I bet you get at least a 3.

    I’ll bet you 3 boxes of Spongebob gummy crabby patties.

    We’re rooting for you to kick this medical thing swiftly. "You can do it." (The Waterboy 1998)

    PS – I have sister problems too. I realized that in the end they’re just a little stressed out and deal with it funny. They’re so silly. (I think mine is eternally constipated.)

  5. maria says:

    hospitals are creepy. at least norwegian ones. oh well. break a leg ;)

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