Southbase – What Can I Say?

My toes feel pretty! They got a french manicure! So did my fingers, but my toes are more excited about it.

Have I mentioned that I love my friends because they are the besttt? Even though they are being too nice to me, I think! Katelyn and Moe and Ney and possibly others put together a big bowl of presents for me!! Awww. Seriously, too nice, you guys. Unless you just want me to get fat with all that candy. I see how it works. ;) But THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love it! You guys are awesome!

And AP English was okay today. I didn\’t think most of the multiple choice was too bad, and my essays were decent. Anyway. I am going to go get sucked into the Friends extravaganza for tonight, now. See ya! (No school tomorrow, yay! But prom, ahh! I need a tan to magically appear on my shoulders! Help!)

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  1. Natalie says:

    yay for manicures!! i get mine done tomorrow morning…i have never had one before….should be interesting….robert got a tux today…he is really excited about going…so funny…anyway, enjoy your prom preparations…i will be watching friends tonight, too!! see ya tomorrow!!! :)

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