Cinco de Mayo

I think I studied as much as physically possible for AP English. So good luck to everyone taking that tomorrow! Lunch at Joe\’s afterwards! Hurrah!

I think I\’d feel a lot better if my doctors could at least pretend they know what they\’re doing. For example, could you not tell me I am having surgery on Monday and then a week later tell me that\’s wrong? Just a suggestion. Guess I better start studying for AP Physics after all!

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One Response to Cinco de Mayo

  1. Allie says:

    Poo. I didn’t like that English test! Actually, I think the test would’ve been fine… had my AP English teacher ever seen AN AP TEST BEFORE! Grr. He didn’t know what he was doing all year. I didn’t know a lot of the literary terminology used – THANKS, MR. WARREN!

    Argh. I hope you did better than I :\

    GOOD LUCK ON PHYSICS! When is that, anyway?

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