Hot Hot Heat – 5 Times Out of 100

My car has suddenly decided to rattle suspiciously when I drive it at, it seems, any speed that is not 32mph. Perhaps this is because I missed my inspection in April. How do I know I missed my inspection in April? Well, because a police officer was kind enough to inform me by leaving a ticket in a plastic baggy (well it was rainy) on my windshield yesterday morning while I was at the orthodontist, while my car was parked in front of my house. That\’s pretty uncool, Officer Henderson. Well my parents just dropped my car off to get inspected. Hope you are happy. The rattling had better get fixed, at least, after this.

Matt thinks my website is a big secret so I told him, yes, it is, because I talk about him everyday. So now I guess I better start talking about Matt. Hmm. Matt is mean and won\’t let me play with his hingeless sunglasses! Well that\’s not true; he let me play with them once, but then I hid them and now I\’m not allowed to play with them anymore. But don\’t you think I deserve a second chance? (The answer is YES! They are very fun sunglasses! They bend!)

Anyway. Thallium test tomorrow! 5-6 hours of hospital waiting! Exciting! I won\’t have a real school day again until May 17. Whoa. Pretty weird. AP English on Thursday though. Maybe will attempt to study tomorrow. And then prom is Friday! Yikes! I mean … yay?

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3 Responses to Hot Hot Heat – 5 Times Out of 100

  1. Allie says:

    Just a friendly reminder ;)

    Everyone seems to be getting their cars inspected, meanwhile I don’t even know when I’m due for an inspection. I should probably find out…

  2. Ney says:

    Dumb cop! I’m sure he stays up all night thinking of ways to make life miserable for other people! By the way… you’ve got mail!

  3. Michelle says:

    My car decided recently to suck, as well. At least you don’t have a WHOLE PART of your car falling off so it flaps when you go over 10 mph. ::sigh::

    Love you, Brizz!!

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