The Living End – Who\’s Gonna Save Us?

Mannn. Was at the hospital from 9:30-5:30 today. For two tests. Not a whole lot of fun but at least it\’s over with now. Results tomorrow. Hmmm. Trying to take this one day at a time so I won\’t think about that now! But I do get to leave school early and skip a physics test, all right! Ah, but here is what I learned from today (even without going to school!): 1) I don\’t like IVs (but then I strongly suspected I wouldn\’t); 2) I really don\’t like barium sulfate; 3) Wow my mom knows a lot of people at the hospital (please note she works there). Seriously, I\’m talking Miss Popularity!; 4) 70oz of fluid in an hour and a half will make you pee, a lot; 5) You should not have an involuntary leg spasm during a bone scan because the nurse really doesn\’t appreciate it, what with the whole \”no moving\” rule.
Well, anyway. It was supposed to storm today and I was sort of hoping lightning would strike during my CAT scan and turn me into a superhero, but no luck. :/ Did feel like Radioactive Man though, what with the radionuclide injection and all. Okay enough hospital stuff. Good news: I have made my college decision! Look out, UVA!

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7 Responses to The Living End – Who\’s Gonna Save Us?

  1. Natalie says:

    I hope you feel better soon!!!

    Yay for UVA…I will definitely come and visit you!! You need to come visit Stef and me, too!!!

    See ya tomorrow!!! :)

  2. Cathy says:

    Hey Lauren!!!

    Congrats on UVA. I say, if it was good enough for Thomas Jefferson it is good enough for the Godchild of Love.

    Hang in there with all those tests. Been there, done that … got the scars to prove it. Just remember there are like 1 million folks sending you positive attitude … I can’t wait to see the pics in your pretty-in-pink dress!!!

    Take care!
    S.C. Twin

  3. Allie says:

    YAY! for college decisions! I inadvertently made mine when I accepted a scholarship to Brooklyn College… so that’s where I’m going to go *shrugs* In fact, I went and registered today, so I’ve got my first semester schedule all made up (free Tuesdays and Fridays, 9-5 Mondays, 2-5 Wednesdays, 9-2 Thursdays). Oh, yeahhh…

    Again, congratulations on making your decisions. I know how difficult the whole process is. I’m just so glad it’s all over.

    I think I missed something, because I… don’t know why you’re getting all those tests done :\ Is that ’cause of your leg or…? *feels out of the loop*

  4. Allie says:

    And the second “decisions” should be singular. Just so you know ;)

  5. Ney says:

    Yeay UVA. They better watch out b/c you’re a wild one, you are! haha. I got the pictures you sent me! Very nice. Okay, I’ll see you tonight! Later hun!

  6. Ney says:

    By the way, change of plans. GIVE meeting not tomorrow… it’s Thursday. You’ll hear the anouncement in the morning!

  7. Lauren says:

    I won’t be at the NHS thing tonight, and probably won’t be in school tomorrow. I should be able to make the meeting on Thursday, though! And yes, all these tests and, as you can see, absences, are because of my leg, and I got the results today and they’re not so good. I’ll tell everyone more later.

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