Mae – Goodbye, Goodnight

:( You do not want to have to drink Barium Sulfate. Ever. Trust me on this one. And I have another 450mL to look forward to for breakfast tomorrow. Swell.

Hey, how about this? I have a prom ticket, dress, AND date! My dress is piiink and pretty. I hope no one else has it. :/ Still need shoes, though. Hm. (Have I mentioned how much my friends rock? Today Joey brought me holy water from Lourdes, aww. :) Thank you!!)

Did not have to yell at library because they finally took that book off my account at the last minute. I knew I turned it in.

Turns out my mom is quite skilled at drawing blood. Still don\’t like it though.

Tomorrow I get to skip school again (I am in nerd hell :/ — AP exams are coming up, for the love of Mike!!) for a CAT scan and other equally exciting tests. Now I\’m going to get ready for bed and focus on not throwing up. Cool. See ya later.

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4 Responses to Mae – Goodbye, Goodnight

  1. Natalie says:

    hey there…hope you are feeling better..we did not do anything exciting in german and english today….we didn’t even have a quiz on Crime and Punishment!!..we ran out of time…but we are having one tomorrow instead…we asked for a character word bank, and she said we wouldn’t need it for the quiz so it sounds like it is going to be very easy….out of all the people i have talked to, including a poll of our english class (quiet enough so mrs cer couldnt hear) only 2 people have read the book…i have resorted to sparknotes..anyway,i will bring my europe pictures tomorrow!!! see ya then!! :)

  2. Maureen says:

    My mom had to drink that stuff once, she said it was gross. I hope your weekend was good, mine certainly was, just wanted to tell you I’ve decided on Dayton! YAY!

  3. Ney says:

    Hey Lauren. Missed you. Good times on Saturday ***winkwink***. I’m having a little issue with our prom group (no fun) that all of a sudden dont want to go in the limo. guurrr. I should be able to solve it though XXcrossing fingersXX. Okay I hope to see you on Wednesday. And also we have a give club meeting on Wednesday! Hell is freezing over!
    Also wanted to say CONGRATS to Moe on College! GOOOOO MOE!!!!! Later

  4. Lauren says:

    GIVE Club!! Wow! Okay I definitely need to remember to bring the treasury funds, or else they might wind up in my college fund, hehehe.. ;) Speaking of college: UVA for me! HOORAY! And congrats Moe on Dayton! I will visit!! (Did you see the Simpsons on Sunday?? They almost went to Dayton!!)
    Also, that’s good C&P new, though I did get a lot of reading in today! But still I’m only on p. 285. But I don’t think I’ll be in English tomorrow anyway, hee.
    Thanks for the school updates, guys!! I will see you tomorrow, at least in the morning :)

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