Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi\’s Dead

My sister went with me last night! This made the evening less of an adventure, I suppose, but also made it a story that does not end with \”Lauren took a wrong turn and found herself in West Virginia where hoboclowns dumped her body in a ditch.\” I think that\’s a good thing. Because I crunched my sister in the back with my brother\’s bike on the way up, I promised to take her to the mall today. Of course I also benefited from this because I found the key to my Where\’s Waldo costume: the hat! Well, it\’s a white hat but I can add the stripes and pom, or at least my sister can. ;) And it was only $4 at H&M. Yeah man.

Today I had to give tours at school and apparently I developed a stutter at some point during the afternoon because by the last tour (and I only did 3), I couldn\’t get a straight sentence out! Hm. So much for taking public speaking freshman year. That obviously did nothing. Well I must study some more for physics now. :/ I really should have written my Jane Eyre essay tonight, but hey, it\’s me! And it\’s not due till Wednesday! Therefore … etc. Ciao!

(Have I ever mentioned that the end of daylight saving is my absolute favorite?? Mmm, extra hour of sleep.)

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  1. Allie says:

    Sleep = good stuff
    Changing all the clocks = bad


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