New Found Glory – Sincerely Me

Oh hey. Two more months till Christmas! Kinda nice. Well I had a physics-induced breakdown but now I kind of half-get the problems. That\’s slightly better! Then I took notes on the chapter we\’re doing in govt. because we got our notebooks graded and I got an 80, psh. What is that. Apparently we have to have \”certain words\” and if these words cannot be found we lose points for notes on that chapter. I\’m so glad she didn\’t tell us this before we started our notes because it\’s much more fun to find out this way, I think, yes. So soon I\’m going to 5:30 Mass with my brother, after which I must drive him to MD, groannn. It\’s probably an hour-long trip each way, and this will of course be made extra fun by the fact that I\’ve never driven that long and on the way home I\’ll be by myself in the dark on the beltway. Won\’t that be swell! Tomorrow I have to go to school to work at the Open House, giving tours from 11 to 3. :( And, my parents left today to go to Indiana and won\’t be home till Tuesday, so this means I have to keep sister and animals fed and dishes clean and doors locked, etc. Someone stop the fun!

What\’s that? You say I complain and procrastinate a lot? Why I hadn\’t noticed! Okay well I blame school. Yay! Well here is something to be happy about: Tuesday is Oktoberfest after school and then it\’s straight to Aunt Lisa\’s house and then straight to see EDDIE!! Hooray!! Must just live to Tuesday!

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