I\’m leeeaving on a jet plane

I love the little warning on \”culture shock\” in the booklet we got:

Hotel rooms half the size of what we know here in the USA, no ketchup on the table, and daily tasks like buying a candy bar, can suddenly seem daunting.

Oh my goodness, no ketchup on the table!?? Say it isn\’t so! What\’s wrong with those Europeans? I\’m getting culture shock just thinking about it!

So hmm I think I am mostly done packing now. I\’m sure I\’m going to forget something though. Two hours till we go to the airport! If I find an Internet connection, I\’ll let you know how things are going. If not, see you all on the 17th, except I\’m going up to Tech that night to visit on Sunday, and then I\’m visiting UVA on Monday, so I guess actually I\’ll see you around the 20th. Okay. Auf wiedersehen and ciao! Yay!

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  1. maria says:

    haha. that was a good one! :)

    have a nice trip!

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